According to the signed in 2002 Declaration jn regional cooperation between Leningrad region and Federal Land Meklenburg friendly connections with town Sassnitz ( are developing. Both Kingisepp Municipal District and Sassnitz signed The Partner Agreement on June 01, 2003. The cooperation is founded on traditiolan geografical and economical links via The Ferry port of Sassnitzh and ports of Saint-Petersburg and Leningrad region.

According the Agreement delegations of both sides visited each other many times, changed youth and schollchildren delegations.


Friendly connections with Estonia are developing. Agreements on cooperation are signed with towns Johvi in 1999 ( , Narva in 2000 г., Narva-Joessuu in 1998 г., Kohtla-Jarve in 2000 г. Constant mutual exchange of official delegations, social, educational, culrural delegations realizes every year.



Twin-towns connection with Narvik ( ) founded in 1972. The perpose of the cooperation is to develop friendship and good neighbourhood in different fields as economical, social and caltural ones, and also between inhabitans. This cooperation became a part of mutual work bewteen Russian and Norwegian communas which is coordinated by the Central Union of Norwegian Communs.



From 1975 Kigisepp Municipality District has been cooperating activelly with Raisio. We have sready relationship in cultural, sports, medical fields. Visits of delegations from both sides for celebration Town Days became traditional.

High schools of the towns became friends and cooperated for long time. Schoolchildren visit each other and live in families that let them get to know customs of the other country much better. The Raisio Pioner Organisation and the Kingisepp Scout Organisation arrange summer and winter camps where children can rest and get acquainted.



On December 4, 2006 The Agreement on Friendship and Cooperation was signed with Svetlogorsk District ( Both the districts will try to provide better capacity of acting for companies, making investments, developing cultural links.



Friendly relations with town Zhunhuay (province Guechjou) is developing from 2001. Both sides consider economical and cultural interaction as a main purpose for cooperation.