The Municipality of Kingisepp District coordinates the project of SuPortNet II North-West RUS — Sustainable Spatial Development within a Network of Port for Sea Tourism in North-West Russia Bordering on Estonia and Finland and Integration into the Existing Baltic Network (TSPF/0302/0113).

This project is a part of the project INTEREG III — Sustainable International Development of a Network of Ports for Sea Tourism in the Baltic Sea. Financed by the European Commission for Good Neighborhood Program — TACIS. Project budget is 241,746 EURO.

Project beginning date is 04.11.2002. Project completion date is 04.11.2004.

Project partners:

  • Government of the Leningrad Region;
  • Municipality of the Town of Ivangorod;
  • Municipality of the Slantsy District;
  • Municipality of the Town of Narva, Republic of Estonia;
  • Municipality of the Town of Narva-Joesuu, Republic of Estonia;
  • Regional Council of Kumenlaaxo, Finland.

The project is intended to examine possibilities for renovating the existing or abandoned small ports for reception and anchorage of yachts and tourist motor boats, building new moorage facilities in the Russian islands and south-east coastline of the Gulf of Finland, and in the river of Narova from headwaters to estuary. On the basis of the examination and design research results, to determine the most acceptable places for new small ports, prepare feasibility studies for their reconstruction or construction to present to potential investors. Therefore, provide for reliability and ensure the best possible conditions for international sea tourism in the Gulf of Finland with account of environment, regional development and equal possibilities for all countries in the Baltic sea area.

Project press releases

March 2003
Russia and Estonia are integrated into the Baltic network of yacht ports

July 2003
Russians are introduced to Estonian yacht ports

September 2003
Finns are interested in the development of small yacht ports in Russia

October 2003
The concept of yacht tourism including environment awareness is on the agenda

October 2003
Research is made on prospects of creating yacht ports in the Gulf of Finland

November 2003
Yacht tourism partners discuss results of halfyear work

January 2004
Designs and estimates being prepared to build a yacht port in the island of Hogland

May 2004
Yacht route from the Baltic Sea to Pskov and Tartu is realistic, research concludes

May 2004
Feasibility study prepared for the construction of yacht tourism facilities along the river Narva

June 2004
Situation examined and SWOT analysis prepared for ports along the river Narva

August 2004
Russian are introduced to the Danish experience of joint yacht port marketing

August 2004
Online marketing possibilities for small yacht ports

October 2003
Final conferense in Saint Petersburg

Visits, introduction to port facilities, meetings and interviews with municipality officials, port managers and operators and yacht club representatives presented the experience of port management and concepts of port construction and development, and facilities available in small ports intended to receive yachts and motor boats.

Professional research and expert conclusion

The SWOT analysis and design research made by OOO Morskoye stroitelstvo i tekhnologii (Contemporary Condition and Prospects for Creation of Yacht Ports in Islands of the Russian Section of the Gulf of Finland and its Southern Coastline) determined the most acceptable areas for yacht ports in the Municipality of Kingisepp District:

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This project is funded by the European Union

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