Moschny Island

The island is situated south of Bolshoy Korabelny fairway. Its previous name - Lavensaari - presumably originated from Finnish words Lavea ('wide', 'vast') and Saari ('island') (because of its relatively larger dimensions as compared with neighbouring islands).

The island consists of two parts connected with a sand neck. Both parts are low, highly indented and covered by coniferous woods.

The Okolnaya and Rybachya bays seem to be the most suitable for yacht shelters (the latter for smaller yachts).

The Okolnaya Bay is situated on the northern side of the island. It has low shores edged with a shoal with scattered rock (both below and above the water surface). Water depth at the bay entrance is about 18 m, in its central part, 5-10 m, the seabed is composed of sand and rock. The bay is protected from west and south winds.

There is a damaged reinforced concrete wharf and half-drowned floating berth and floating transport dock in the west of the bay.

The Rybachya Bay is situated on the northern coast in the west of Moschny Island. It has low rocky shores except for the eastern one formed by Kirkovi Spit. The shores are very indented and edged with a rocky shoal dangerous for navigation. There is a narrow three-elbow fairway leading to the bay and routed between the shoal constricting the bay entrance.

Ships may enter the bay only if they know the fairway and follow it very carefully.

The sea bed in irregular. Water depth in the central part of the bay is 3 – 5 m.

The Zaschitnaya Bay is situated on the southern side of the island. Its south-western side is protected by a shoal with small islands. Water depth in the central part of the bay is 6-10 m, the seabed is composed of fine sand. The bay can serve as a safe shelter only from north winds.

The bay entrances are equipped with leading light beacons, light buoys and spars.

Moschny Island, in much the same way as Gogland and Seskar, is virtually uninhabited. The only exception is a small coast-guard station with a radio post (radar and visual surveillance), some facilities of the Leningrad Naval Base with a surveillance lighting post, and families of the forester and lighthouse keeper.

The island has a helipad and old abandoned airdrome. No infrastructure is available.

Yacht shelter on Moschny Island

Moschny Island location in immediate proximity to the main cruising route in the eastern Gulf of Finland, as well as availability of several fairly large natural bays (Malmigetlahti, Okolnaya, Zaschitnaya, Zarnitsa, Rybachya) makes the island a suitable place for a yacht shelter.

A site plan of Moschny Island has alternative yacht shelter locations in the most protected Okolnaya, Rybachya and Zaschitnaya bays.

A specific example of a small and well-protected yacht shelter was considered for the Rybachya Bay in the north-west of the island.

The yacht shelter has a standard basic infrastructure which includes an approach channel, harbour, berthing facilities, administration building with on-site facilities, power-supply systems (self-contained diesel generator and wind-power generator), water line and water treatment plant).

The required berthage can be created with the use of existing (reconstructed) mole and a floating berth placed behind it.

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